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{Product Review}: New flavour on the block – Paper Boat anaar fruit drink

Days were getting shorter, and nights were longer. The precious sunlight was waning further and on such a cold wintry December afternoon while I was trying to soak myself warm in the fading rays of sun, I received a box full of memories. A beautiful pink box that reminds me of my childhood when I used to store my little treasures in similar boxes, from chocolate wrappers to colorful satin ribbons, stamps and colorful sketch pens to half used crayons, the list was really long and my fading memory will do little justice to it.

pomegranate drink

Inside the box was lying two beautiful pouches of ‘anaar‘ or more precisely the pomegranate to boast on our excellent English vocabulary. Pomegranate the fruit everyone loves and the word everyone loves to misspell. But it was the anaar that evokes memories. Precious childhood memories, the one that every person loves to cherish.

paperboat drink review

As I was unwrapping the boxes, the memories of colorful ruby red gems filled glass bowls were invoking so many nostalgic moments from yesteryear’s, I found myself smiling at it. Cutting the anar in two equal halves with great precision and then watching my mom with baited breath with all the childhood curiosity as she slowly squeezed out the seeds from its cozy nest, streams of red juices glistening on her hands as she patiently de seed each of the seeds until the shell is bereft of it, the yellow bowl was getting filled slowly with heaps of ruby red gems and then carefully listening to her instructions on how to eat it in a proper way, honestly speaking I never had so much patience. Once the show is over, I used to grab a handful of them and enjoyed the first splash of sweet juices as it filled my mouth with all its heavenly sweetness.

pomegranate photography

However I always had this dilemma, still today whether to eat its seeds or not. And in a moment of trance, when I poured it in a glass and was sipping it slowly cherishing those memories I did not realized it that I was drinking anar juice. The taste was same, spices are the new characters here but effectively it will engage you with all its goodness.

Kaagaz ki kashti mein, sair kar aya, main bachpan mein ja ke, khudh se mil aya” is way nostalgic and pleasing to ears. With this Paper boat hit the right notes with its viewer. I have reviewed Paper boat products before and a regular consumer of its different flavors of drinks, this one too attest to the company standards of no artificial flavors and preservative free motto.
It taste best when the drink is chilled. Now the choice is really upon you whether to recreate those magical moments with your kids the one that you cherished so much or just drink it directly from the paper pouches, convenience also matters in today’s world. But whatever way you choose to enjoy the goodness of anar, one thing that is really helpful in today’s world and for those passionate home chefs, is that Paper boat has given you the liberty to experiment with anar juice in so many ways.

pomegranate drinks

Now summers will no longer will be driven by the monotony of mango and lime popsicle, ruby red anar is there to challenge your creativity or freeze the anar juices in star shaped ice trays to give starry look to your margaritas. Better still from now on wards ice creams will scream on top of its voice with new anar flavor, panacottas will look sexy dressed up in new red anar sauce or you can simmer your Mideastern style chicken recipes in anar reduction. The possibilities to use the anar juice in all its new avatars are boundless and you are limited by your own imaginative mind. So unleash it and enjoy the goodness of anar in whichever way it suits you.

Anar is not just a drink, it is elixir of life.

Lastly thanks to Hector Beverages for the free samples.

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