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{Product Review} Preethi Mixer Grinder / Food Processor Zodiac Review

Preethi Kitchen Appliances , a very well known, popular and reputed brand in South India has recently celebrated their 40 years of serving in India in Jan, 2018. And before that they had earned a place in the global book of world records for completing successfully the longest mixer grinder grinding marathon, of whopping 77hrs and 50 min to produce 1000kg of batter.


As a part of their outreach program, we have received the Preeti Mixer Grinder Zodiac for the review. More than a basic mixer grinder, I would love to have a food processor at my home that can do multitude of tasks in minutes. My older one, Ina** is about 5 years old and within that five years, after extensively usage, few parts and the jars have shown considerable amount of wear and tear, and the steel jars have shown few cracks too. So I was in dire need for a good replacement and when I  got Preeti mixer grinder / food processor to review, honestly I was more than happy.

This is for the first time I am using any of Preeti’s products. And before going into the detail technical specifications, let me tell you what I love about it at first glance.

  • First, its lightweight. Compared to the other of its genre, Preeti zodiac food processor is very lightweight and sleek. That means it wont take too much of your premium kitchen counter space.
  • Second, it’s user friendly. The assembling (of Master Chef jar which is again sleek compared to my previous ones, with various kinds of blades) takes very little time and you will be able to figure it out at one go. The jar locks with a sound click and you will be rest assured about the safety.

It’s been two months since I am using the Preeti Mixer Grinder Zodiac and here are few key points I would like to mention :

The Chutney Jar, the smallest one – the most useful one and perhaps the most loved one among all the others by the home chefs and homemakers. Grinding onions, ginger, cilantro, spinach, tomatoes and soaked nuts is fast and simple. All it takes under 20 seconds to get the job done completely with high precision. Specially for cilantro and spinach (I have not used any water) you wont be able to see any fibers. The texture is uniform and smooth.

preeti mixer grinder zodiac review

As a Bengali who can not live without mustard and posto bata (poppy seeds), Preeti does the job perfectly and in less time. Compared to my previous food processor, grinding mustard seeds and poppy seeds used to be an ardent task but with Preeti, it is a breeze. The blades are real powerful and very efficient.

preeti mixer grinder zodiac review

The Dry Grinding Jar – best suitable for blending your own spice mixes. Bengali garam masala is uniquely different from the rest of the commercially available spice blends in that it consist the famous trio, the three C’s – cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Every month I make my own spice blend and with Preeti its matter of few seconds only.

bengali garam masala

The MasterChef Jar – it’s really a master chef jar in terms of number of task it can accomplished. It gives you the freedom of doing five things in one, from slicing, grating, chopping, kneading the dough and a separate attachment for citrus press. Citrus press is arguably the best thing that can happen to anybody using a food processor.

The grating blade comes extremely handy to one who regularly grates carrots and coconut in bulk. I have used till now to grate carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, green papaya and coconut. And all it takes between 3o sec to one minute plus. Coconut takes a little longer and few more pulses but in any case faster than my previous one. Depending upon the size of the vegetable pieces, the grating will be finer, medium and coarser.

preeti mixer grinder review

I generally love to knead the dough by hand and in my opinion kneading the dough with hand is a good stress buster. So atta kneading blade wont be much useful to me. But for making vegetable and paneer paratha where you knead the ingredient with the flour, this blade comes very handy and you don’t have to sweat much adjusting the water ratio to the ingredient. It will uniformly mix all the ingredients. Specially if you want to make spinach or methi paratha, it will finely shred the leaves and will uniformly distribute it, along with the kneading process. Which is otherwise difficult to achieve something in hand.

Overall Rating – The best food processor in the market so far. Highly recommended.

Cons – material could have been little better at that price. Plus there is no small opening in the dome of the jar (lid of the mixer jar) to pour oil as you grind along. That feature is really helpful in making nut butters, pesto and vinaigrette dressings at home.

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Preeti Mixer Grinder Zodiac. We were part of their blogger’s outreach program and have accepted the product for use and review. Please note that this is Not Paid Review. The views and opinions expressed here are discreetly reserved with the author of this post.



  • Reply
    July 16, 2020 at 10:51 pm

    is there options of shredding .. thick to fine… can we set the slicer as per need ..

    • Reply
      Sukanya Ghosh
      July 16, 2020 at 11:02 pm

      Yes, in the picture you can see I have shredded the carrots. Also slicer blade you can see the picture of mushrooms sliced thinly.

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