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{Product Review} Yoga Bar health and nutrition bar

No complicated asanas, these are Yoga Bars to keep you healthy and fit. Packed with goodness of nuts and seeds these bars can satiate your hunger for long, at the same time these are tasty, healthy and all natural. The glorious journey to make a healthy and nutrition packed health bar starts with two young entrepreneur sisters Suhasini and Anindita Kumar who on regular train ride from New York to Philadelphia conceived the idea of launching a health bar in India with the goodness of all natural ingredients.

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Staying healthy starts with happy and beautiful mind and happy mind needs a happy body that is well nurtured. When it comes to nutrition, Indian diets are seriously lacking in protein, the key ingreidient of the building blocks of life cells, and is overly carb rich. As a result of this, diebetes which has become more like a lifestyle ailment now is on rise specially among the younger people who binges on fast food, which are deep fried, carb loaded and in every respect unhealthy. At the same time, there are not much alternative exist to curb that untimely hunger which is healthy and nutritious at the same time.
Couple of years back when we had moved to India, I was actively searching for some nutrition bar that I can chew upon as snack in the evening after my workout session. But alas, many of them conatins corn startch, additives, fortified vitamins and other chemical additives and preservatives. Thus making them a complete no-no for me as I wanted a product which should be made with completely natural ingredient and not a chemical compound.
One Sunday evening as I was lazily strolling around my neighborhood grocery, I had chanced upon these Yoga bars gathering dust in a neglected corner of the grocery isle. The name “Yoga bar” was enough to arouse my curiosity and as I read the ingredient, which I am in a habit of doing it every time I purchase anything off the shelf, to my amazement I saw no complex chemical additives which I cannot pronounced. Each of the bar was labeled as 100% natural ingredient. I decided to give it a try and since then I have become a fan of these yoga bars.

yoga bar health nutrition

To summarize the facts, the usp of yoga bars lying in being completely 100 % natural ingredients. Fiber rich, zero trans fat and contains chia seeds which is still considered a very exotic ingredient to Indians.


The base ingredient of Yoga bars are oats, dates, honey, cocoa and amaranth. Simplifying it – oats are for protein, honey replaces sugar as the bar claims to contain no processed sugar, chocolate base bars are naturally healthy and tasty and amaranth which has now emerged as a super grain known for its mineral content, carotenoids and higher share of protein as compared to oats. However the bars contain added natural flavour like rosemary extract and vanilla extract.
Each of 38g bar on an average serves 140 calorie with an average 4 g of protein per bar. So technically these are not protein bars and hence can not be substitute as light meals. The nutritional profile of the bar is designed to be as excellent healthy snack alternative with good percentage of healthy fats (Omega 3, Omega 6) and antioxidants.


Yoga bars come in five different flavours –

  1. Peanut butter – other than the base ingredient it contains peanut butter 8% and almonds. Taste wise I loved it but not exactly peanut butter in a bar. So for the peanut butter fans, the bars need little more crunch and peanut buttery taste.
  2. Cashew orange zest – Except the base ingredient it is filled with all the rich and goodness of cashew 8%, cranberry, almond, Orange oil <1%. Taste wise this is full of orange flavours, zesty, fruity, chocolaty and nutty. This is my most favourite flavour may be because of the orange oil scent. I loved it.
  3. Nuts and seeds crunch – This is one of the most power packed bar with higher calorie value than the others, it serves 165 calorie per 38 g bar and slightly higher protein value than the rest at 4.3 gm. Cashew and almond are the main nut component that constitute 9% of the total ingredients and 12% of assorted seeds that includes flax, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, watermelon and off course chia is there. Coconut oil has been used to bind the ingredients together. You can taste the crunch of seeds and nuts in every bite. Arguably the best bite after an hour of workout session.
  4. Vanilla Almond – with protein value of 4.3 gm. Contains almond 10%, sesame, cinnamon and bonded together with rice bran oil which is known for its Vitamin E content in form of tocopherol and antioxidant oryzonal. Overall very nice on taste profile with good nutritional value.
  5. Chocolate chunk nut – Other than the base ingredients it contains dark chocolate 2%, with goodness of almond and cashew. This should be my most favored one as I am self confessed chocoholic but something is there in the ingredient or the recipe itself that the bar leaves a strange aftertaste and taste slightly tangy which is not conformable with the overall taste profile. After finishing it halfway, I tend to lose interest and could not finish the whole bar.

My suggestion to Yoga bars – please review the recipe of chocolate chunk nut and try to improve its taste.

Not sugar free bar – It should be mentioned that some of the bar contains 9 -11 gm sugar. So if you have special diet requirement or looking for sugar free nutrition bar, then please read the labels and consult your nutritionist before snacking upon them.

When you compare the Yoga bars to its counterparts, you will find it more weighty in nutritional profile, free from partially hydrogenated oil, no chemical additives, no artificial colors, no corn syrup and no preservatives. Thus reducing their shelf life to mere three months, which means these bars are actually good for you.

My verdict :

My personal experience with Yoga bars are so far very good. During my pregnancy I was looking for some healthy snack alternative that should be free from chemical additives and other artificial ingredients, that is when I had chanced upon these bars.Through out my pregnancy I had snacked upon it after my prenatal yoga session in the evenings.

So when I was contacted by SproutLife Foods to review their product, I happily agreed. Love to spread the good words for good products like these
Will I recommend these product to others ? Off course yes.

{We have received free samples to review the product. This is not a paid review}

Happy chewing


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