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Our dining out experiences is varied, some are good, some are bad, and some are pooh! Horrible and some are simply divine. It is the lawful and legitimate duty and responsibility (read social) of every foodie to tell its peers about the best dining destinations in the town. Driven by this urge we bring you the reviews of choicest restaurants where we have dined more than once.

Before you read further and depend upon on our reviews let me give you some more insights into our choice of cuisine, our taste, frequency of eating out etc.

We are a cosmopolitan couple who love to experiment with the food as well as cuisine and in the process has tasted Indian cuisine (including all the regional ones), oriental cuisine (Chinese, Thai, Singaporean, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian), French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Continental (includes European as well as American), Persian and middle east cuisines. Well, how authentic was the food that we have tried? It depends upon where the cuisine has originated. If you believe the best Bengali food can be had in Kolkata only, then the degree of authenticity drops as we have not crossed so many continents and that leaves the scope for lots of arguments….and the argument continues…forever!

Coming to our taste, we can relish both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the same breadth as well as enjoy any degree of spiciness in the food (from 0° to 360°).

How frequent we dine out? Well, on an average it is once in a week. We put more weight age on the taste of the food rather than on its presentation. You can argue that a good food presentations actually tempts the foodie in every self but if it tastes bland, not suitably spiced and overly garnished (which in many cases undertone the real flavor of the dish), we gives a thumbs down to such dishes and will not recommend to anyone.

Last but important: no body is paying me for writing the reviews. Read below for an honest confession of a foodie.

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