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Top 7 Michelin Star Restaurants In France

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Michelin Star Restaurants In France You Need To Visit

In total, there are 27 Michelin 3-Star restaurants in France. While Michelin wanted to rate restaurants to encourage people to travel on their tires, the Michelin star has become the holy grail of food. If you are a chef, you can retire happily if you receive just one Michelin star. A 3-star restaurant is considered the cream of the crop, and a few of the 27 in France are listed here. They all have their own focus, and they dot this magnificent country from the coast to the capital and everywhere in between.

1.Pic, Valence

Pic was founded by Andre Pic in 1935 in Valence, and it ascended to 3-star status quickly. The restaurant went through many ups and downs over the years until Pic’s daughter Anne-Sophie took over with no training. She uses her emotions to make food that is filled with love.

You can see her feminine touches in the dining room, and you will notice that she is making food that she wants you to enjoy. The restaurant features traditional French cuisine that does not focus on technique. The plates are not crisp, but they feel like they came from your grandmother who is also a world-famous chef.

2.La Bouitte, Saint Martin

La Bouitte is a 3-star restaurant that is located inside a 5-star tavern. This small hotel has the rustic log cabin design you would expect to find in a fantasy novel or movie. When you arrive at La Bouitte you feel as though an old man at the counter will show you to a room that Napoleon Bonaparte once commandeered during his conquest of Europe.

The father-son duo, Rene and Maxime that runs the restaurants prefers to pay homage to the Savoie region where the hotel sits. This means that you get the food of the countryside that would be combined with local wines. You could try raclette or crozet pasta that is influenced by Italian immigrants. Plus, you could try the goat’s milk cheese that has been produced in this area for centuries.

3.La Vague d’Or, Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is an amazing vacation destination, and this tropical location is home to many celebrities, racing drivers, and athletes. Because of the high profile of the city, it needs a 3-star restaurant. Arnaud Doncklele apprenticed under Alain Ducasse before coming to Saint-Tropez to open La Vague d’Or.

Three tasting menus cover a wide range of tastes. You might want to try the vegetarian menu that has five courses. This is a retreat from much of European cuisine where meat is often the centerpiece of every meal. You can try the menu for adventurous eaters known as the Ballade Epicurienne, and you can pick from two different a la carte menus. One features the land, and another invokes the flavors of the sea.

4. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, Paris

Alain Ducasse may be the most famous chef in the history of modern France. He has more than one 3-star restaurant, but this particular location caters to its guests more than any other. When you check into the Plaza Athenee, you can get a reservation for Alain Ducasse’s restaurant. When your food is made, it is picked just before your meal. Local game and proteins are brought in every day, and you will eat the freshest food of your life.

If you have found castles for rent in France, you can live like royalty during your stay. Since you are living like royalty, you should eat in a restaurant that would be frequented by royalty. The glittering white linen dining room alone aligns with a luxury vacation.

5. Epicure, Paris

Epicure is a part of the new Parisian crowd because it features modern takes on French food. You can get a whole roast chicken that is cooked in a pig’s bladder, but you will find that the chef has added black truffle and artichokes. You could try the foie gras stuffed macaroni, and you will find the menu accessible because the menu uses simple lists of ingredients.

In fact, foodies might want to try to replicate dishes from this restaurant when they get home.

6. Georges Blanc, Vonnas

Georges Blanc has gotten the 3-star rating from Michelin for 38 years in a row. This alone makes him one of the most accomplished chefs in the world. His mother once ran the restaurant that now bears his name. He took over in 1968, and he was able to turn the restaurant into the backbone of a luxury hotel. You can stay with Georges Leblanc and enjoy his food every day during your vacation.

7. Le Petit Nice, Marseille

Gerald Passedat started this restaurant that overlooks the ocean because he has a love for seafood that he wants to share with his guests. He figures that over 60 styles of Mediterranean seafood are served during the year, and he quickly rose to 3-star status because he uses unique treatments on all his dishes.

You can get anemone fritters, seafood carpaccio, and even bouillabaisse during your visit. You will discover that you are not eating traditional French seafood. You are eating food by a chef that has liberated himself from the traditional French seafood that you typically find during your travel.


You can choose any of the 3-star restaurants during your travels, but you should choose the restaurant that you believe will be the most enjoyable. Some people love haute cuisine, but others want to try a restaurant that will give them what they want without being too adventurous. You can use this list to start a culinary adventure around France, or you can travel to a singular location like Saint-Tropex, Marseille, Valence, or Saint Martin to try its best eatery.


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