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amazing thailand – a travelogue

A long time ago, in a far away land on the western shores of Andaman seas, an ancient kingdom was born known as Sukhothai -”the dawn of happiness “ around 10th century and with it was born the legends of the mysterious white elephants. White elephants or the albinos of the species are extremely rare and so when these white elephants are spotted they become royal significance. Since Sukhothai kingdom was founded on the Theravada Buddhism and white elephant being the symbol of Buddhism, it denotes purity, holiness, cleanliness and it was also believed that it brings prosperity and wealth to its owner. Sukhothai kingdom flourish and prosper under the rule of its great kings for over 200 years and it was during this time that the region came to known as Siam – the land of white elephants.

As the time changes its course, many more kingdoms flourish under the great rulers and through out the history it epitomize the royal significance of white elephants and finally adopted on the country’s national flag.

But now nobody talks about Siam or white elephants, everybody knows it by name “Thailand” pronounced tai-land, derived from the ancient tribe “tai” meaning free.

Thailand as it stands today is the hot destination for the people around the world and tourism is the only industry (after agriculture) which drives the economy of the country .

But what brings tourism to Thailand?

Thailand enjoys an almost perennial tourist season and is truly blessed with many sun-kissed beaches, explored and unexplored exotic islands strewn across the vast Andaman seas, wild life with its rich collection of flora and fauna, historic bridge on the river Kwai, Khmer style wats or temples scattered all around the city, ruins of ancient kingdoms which has become a UNESCO world heritage sites and equally complemented to this are the city’s vibrant night life, vast colorful shopping malls, worlds largest flea markets, delicious Thai cuisines, the art and cultural shows and above all the extremely hospitable and friendly Thai people who always greets the visitors with a smile on their face.

Welcome to the land of thousand smiles !

So when the season (read tourist) was waning down a little we decided to visit the country, to explore its boundless beauty and to experience a new unique culture.

A six night and seven days stay will definitely not justify the Thailand but nevertheless it will give a glimpse of the country which is truly amazing in all respect.

Read below :

Bangkok – Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha

Bangkok – Wat Pho and Shopping -eating

Ayutthaya – UNESCO heritage site

Phuket – pearl of the Pacific

Kanchanaburi and the Tiger temple

Suvarnabhoomi airport @ Bangkok


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    November 16, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    What a great post! You really did an amazing job writing about Thailand. This makes me feel so nostalgic and I can’t wait to go back home and help my husband and son learns more about our country and culture.

  • Reply
    November 17, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Hey Tes thanx for such lovely comments ! It really make my day !
    Stay tune with it as Iam in the process of writing an elaborate travelogue on Thailand. Nontheless we had enjoyed Thailand very much and hope to visit again sometime.
    Have a nice day

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