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Budget Travel Tips to Bangalore

Bangalore, home of the biggest multinational IT corporations in India, has always attracted both local and international tourists for its greenery and unconventional establishments.

This vibrant city is a crowd favorite when it comes to parks and gardens with walking tours open for anyone who are keen to know more about the history and culture of India and the city. Bangalore also offers bicycle rents that you can use to roam around the city.

The city is also the home of cricket matches, astounding plays, and several lake activities. Definitely not the least, the city of Bangalore seems to never run out of foods to try – from the must-try street food to five-star restaurants, this place has plenty of local restaurants to dine in.

If you’re interested to visit Bangalore, here are some of the budget travel tips that might be of good use.

Best Tips When Traveling to Bangalore

  1. Get a travel buddy Not only does a travel buddy make your trip more enjoyable and help you take your pictures, but it’s also safe to get yourself one. It’s quite dangerous to travel alone especially to places you’ve never been to before. While most locals are hospitable and generous, it can’t be helped that there are some who’d take advantage of the foreign tourists. It’s also cost-saver as you can split the costs on hotels, food, and alike.

  1. Book your flights in advance – If this is your first time to travel to another country, pros would advise you to book your flight in advance for several beneficial reasons. Aside from being able to find discounted flights to help you save money, you’d also have ample time to research on the best hotels, places and restaurants to visit, and plan the budget you need as you go on your trip.

  1. Find restaurant deals – To make the most out of your food trip experience, it is recommended to search for the best deals on restaurants in Bangalore. If you’re fortunate enough to get along with any of the locals, they would be happy to guide you on which restaurants have the scrumptious dishes at reasonable pricing. You can also download the Eatigo app to help you find the nearest restaurants or check for other people’s reviews and dining experience.

  1. Take the public transport – Instead of taking a taxi cab or booking a transport service, it’s a cost-saver to just take public transport. It will also help you to get accustomed to the streets around Bangalore and experience the life of a typical local living in the city.

  1. Look for thrift shops for souvenirs – It’s alright to go to malls and other souvenir shops if you have the budget. However, if you’re looking to bring home more to your friends and loved ones, it’s ideal to go to thrift shops as they have the best deals for several souvenir items.

Nonetheless, the best tip in traveling to Bangalore or to any of your trips in the future is to make the most out of it. Planning can be difficult and there’s likely a chance that most of it won’t go your way, but instead of taking the situation as a dilemma, see it as an opportunity to make your trip worth remembering.

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