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Important Travel Tips For An Exhilarating And Memorable Jungle Experience

A jungle odyssey can be an incredible experience. When you travel in the forest you must be sensitive and careful. You must respect the forest rules and take steps so as not to disturb the animals. Good jungle etiquette can help you to enjoy the rich fauna without a negative impact on the eco-tourism. Important travel tips are discussed in this primer. You must not get out of the vehicle to take photographs of the animals. You must take photographs of the locals only after seeking their permission. Jungle safari is very popular in Africa. The local tribes like Masai take offense if travellers take photographs without seeking permission.

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In this primer, some important tips are discussed which every safari traveller must follow.

  • To film the scenery and sunset you can carry a tripod. You must contact an informed guide who will be able to inform you about the country, local traditions, wildlife behaviour and tribal cultures. They will help you to spot animals without a binocular, as well. You will have to be patient and maintain silence in the jungle to spot the exotic animals.
  • You must carry lightweight clothes which are in natural and light colours. Bright colours may disturb the animals and are not recommended for a safari. For a jungle safari, it is best to dress up in layers. For cool mornings, khaki pants with zip off legs are perfect. Shorts and tees are a must. For cool nights, you may need a fleece jacket or a warm sweater. You should carry a hat to protect from the sun. A pair of comfortable shoes is very necessary for hiking. Opt for thorn-proof soles.
  • You may be required to take a yellow fever vaccine. You must carry prescription medicines during a safari. Spare glasses and sunscreen are a must. You must carry plenty of water along with you. It is very essential to remain hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.
  • When you set out for a jungle safari you must carry waterproof binoculars. You must keep them handy to spot animals which are at a distance. You can make use of sighting boards to spot the interesting animals. You must go for game drives either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You must be alert about sight, sound and smell. Be on the lookout for colourful objects, animal calls and strange smells. A sudden silence may indicate that a predator is nearby.
  • You can plan your vacation for an Indian wildlife safari. The tropical jungles in India are a home to diverse flora and fauna. Catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned rhinoceros, elephants and reptiles. You must plan your vacation well in advance and book your stay at one of the best eco-lodges.
  • When you are travelling through the jungle it is essential that you drive slowly. Allow the animal to cross the trails before you drive through. Before embarking on a safari, you should read up on animal behaviour and understand their habits. It will be easy for you to find the habitats and spot the animals easily.

By keeping these points in mind, you will have an incredible jungle experience. You can invest in a travel guide which will help you to plan a vacation and will explain the best routes to take. These travel tips will help you to experience a successful jungle safari. Book your stay at the lodge well in advance. During the peak seasons, most of the reserves experience large number of visitors. To ensure that you have a smooth safari, experience you must plan your vacation well in advance. Pack your bags light and maintain the jungle etiquette.

Author Bio: Peter Keating is looking forward to an Indian wildlife safari. He has booked his stay at one of the best eco-lodges in Kaziranga. During his stay in India, he wants to learn about the local culture and tradition.




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