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Lake Matamuskeet – North Carolina

“… coming annually in an endless migration from colder climates, to alight here once in the long journey of their lives ” {adapted from Brian Moore}

lake matamuskeet
Lake Matamuskeet in North Carolina is largest natural lake of the state and is shallow coastal lake of depth range between 2-3 ft and is full of nutrients, dotted with cypress trees is home to winter migratory birds from the colder climatic zones. Geographically speaking, the lake is a wetlands depression that fills with rain water and the natural runoff from the land around it.

***Tundra swans basking in the lake ***
lake matamuskeet

*** Notice the American bald eagle here, perched on the tree top***
lake matamuskeet
On a typical day in mid October, they painted the lake in white, presenting a delightful scenario for the nature’s lover and a paradise for the bird watchers.
lake matamuskeet
But unfortunately this year, the season seems not to be suitable for these migratory birds, as they were fewer in number, blame it to hurricane Sandy and sudden dip in the temperature. We planned to got to Pea Island too to catch a glimpse of these birds, but was restricted as only 4*4 vehicles are allowed only.
lake matamuskeet
Nonetheless, we enjoyed the pristine beauty of the lake and got to see the glimpses of these migratory birds too, all in a day trip to Lake Matamuskeet.
lake matamuskeet lodge
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