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new england aquarium and old state house @ boston

If it is 4th of July and you are in US of A, where would you go ? Off course boston, if you hadn’t been there before and if you happen to live in New England region. First I thought I will title the post as historic city of Boston, but then we barely capture the spirit of boston, as the trip was highly focussed on New England aquarium.

When we started in the morning, it was hot and muggy but as we zooming past the I-93 to enter the suburbs of Boston, fresh spell of breeze welcomes us. It was not shiny and bright day though but we decided, not to change our plans. Having parked our car at the public parking of Fan pier, we headed straight to the harbour front. To our surprise, some sailing event was going on and we decided to watch it for a while. Good crowd was gathered round this extreme sailing event, though the wind was not quiet favourable for sailing, and don’t ask me too much about this, I have never watched a sailing event before.
Having spent about half an hour there, we took the harbour walk which ends at the New England aquarium, a prominent landmark on the harbour front.

This one is huge and perhaps the best aquarium I have seen so far. It consumed a neat three hours from our schedule, but as we hadn’t planned much, we didnt mind it. This also houses a shark and ray touch tank, we didn’t get to touch the shark though but you can definitely feel the smooth wings of ray fish. A towering giant ocean tank is right in the middle of the aquarium and as you wind your way up and down along it, the tropical coral reef community will fascinate you. And the astonishing fact about the coral reef is that it is all fake , yes you read it right ! fake but amazingly realistic and is built with some 400 + pieces of fibre glass ! Whoa ! The star attraction of the giant ocean tank is a green turtle and sand shark along with number of colorful fishes. You can also watch the divers feeding the fishes, cleaning the tank and all these goes on with the shark circling around the tank !!!


Among the other exhibits worth visiting are the African penguins (smallest in the world), Rockefeller penguins, northern fur seals, beautiful and dangerously poisonous jelly fishes, green anaconda at the medical centre, leafy sea dragon fish, octopus (it was hiding somewhere !), a huge skeleton of whale, few guest from the amazon rainforest like a mossy tree frog, vibrant and colorful pacific reef community and the seahorses.
It was worth visiting, and am sure will amuse people of all ages. We immensely enjoyed it, and will definitely visit once again.

Next, actually nothing specific was on the list, few quick steps down to the Quincy market, to have a good lunch and we found ourselves inside the Wagamama – a Japanese resto serving teppanyaki and other jap dishes. We hungrily gorged down the ebi (shrimp) dumplings and when they served us a huge bowl of yasai yaki soba, I realized its time to take some food snaps…click….click…click. It was too good, lots of veggies, and young shoots and sprouts…resembling close to padthai, bursting with hot flavours, mine was extra hot as I glaze it with generous amount of chilli oil .

Next we visit the old state house, which was few steps away from Quincy market, further down to financial district and downtown crossing and back !

 A little info about the old state house : this is Boston’s oldest public building built in the year 1713 as the seat of British colonial government and declaration of independence was first read to its citizens from the east facing balcony on July 18, 1776.

 We visited a historic building on a historic date, boston was full of tourist, and spectators, the city was brimming with fun, frolic and amusements and in the background Celine Dione voice was booming with…God bless America…


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    July 7, 2011 at 8:38 am

    I love penguine pics… they are so adorable 🙂 Beautiful post!

  • Reply
    July 24, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Those are gorgeous fish! I love the colours…
    Sounds like you had a good time. 😀

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