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Updated on 12 th March 2012 :

This is the opening season for pilgrim in the Himalayas when lakhs of devotees set out for Chardham Yatra” meaning pilgrim to four auspicious shrine Gangotri-Yamunotri-Kedarnath-Badrinath. The temple opens every year on the day of Akshay Trititya and this year it falls on 24 th April 2012.

The opening dates of temples have already been announced: Gangotri and Yamunotri on 24 th April 2012 ; Kedarnath on 28 th April 2012 and Badrinath on 29th April, 2012.

After taking a short break from blogging , I am back with more interesting articles and this time I am going to start my first post on travel. Well it is not a culinary travel but adventurous one and that too in the labyrinths of ever enchanting “The Himalayas”. This travelogue has already been posted in one of my sister site : www.travel.saffronstreaks.com, but since I have decided to merge the sister site with the parent one, so I am republishing it here for more readership. Though this article is one year old but is still relevant with latest updates .

This is also the opening season for trekking in the Gangotri-Gaumukh route when the weather is quiet pleasant and snows had drifted away. Read below to experience the beauty of Himalayas. Off course by making your trip to the world’s youngest mountain chain.

Read here: Gangotri – Gaumukh trek
Chopta and Tungnath
Badrinath and Auli
Gaumukh trek permit

Writing a travelogue is a very difficult task because everything can not be expressed in words.But still I try to pen down my thoughts with some useful information so that other travelers can benefit from it. There are many reasons why people travel but we took this journey to escape from the mundane of materialistic world and to reunite with the nature. The Himalayas are not only the land of beauty and abode of gods but it is a synonym of Indian culture too and it never fails to inspire me. So on a fateful day of 26th May 2009 we started our journey to the Himalayas and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Our trip started on 26th May 2009 from Bangalore and we booked our entire trip through GMVN’s Bangalore office.
Booking through GMVN is probably not the best option in terms of cost but they have various bungalows and rest houses all over Uttarakhand and I would recommend that for the first time travelers. Our trip lasted 15 days and it went of very smoothly for the most part.

In short our trip was

Lots of information is available on the web but in particular I would like to acknowledge the information and suggestions that I received from IM’ers of Indiamike especially about the Gaumukh trip. Besides the website of Uttarkhand’s govt GMVNL.com is equally helpful.

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