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How to start your blog in wordpress in 7 easy steps

Weekend Tech Bites :

When it comes to blogging, wordpress is arguably the best blogging platform as well as best CMS (content management system) which is free to use, however in wordpress.com there are certain restrictions than those who are blogging at self hosted sites. But definitely the best option a blogger can have.

To start a blog in wordpress.com follow this simple and easy steps :

Step 1 : Go to site http://wordpress.com/ and sign up, open a new account. You will be prompted to a one-step form, fill the data ” blog address ; username ; password ; language of blog ; and valid email address.

Remember to choose a unique name for your blog address, not yet taken by anyone. For example- “myfood.wordpress.com”. Yes, the free blogs will have wordpress.com extension.


Step 2 : You are in WordPress Dashboard, lets configure it. Start by choosing a theme. What are themes and how to choose a perfect theme, will talk about it later, as of now lets choose a theme from dashboard or use the default theme.

Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme -> choose the one you like

wordpress blog


Step 3 : Before posting first blogpost, lets configure the Settings

Dashboard -> Settings -> General

–> Site title : Blog name like “my food”

–> Site tagline : like an advertiesement slogan, not required but if you wish you can assign one for your blog. Popular tagline like ” Nike – just do it ” etc.

–> Email address : where wordpress will send you emails. or the one you use during registration. It can be changed later.

–> Time zone and Date format: Choose your country specific timezone, it will be displayed as date published in each blog post. Date format – the one you wish to use.

–> Language : the blog language, you will be writing in.

Save changes and go back to dashboard.
wordpress blog


Step 4 : Dashboard -> Settings -> Privacy : Site visibility

Choose the first options – allow serach engines to index this site.

This option will allow the search engines to index your site so that everyone on internet can reach it.

What are search engines and how to index your site, will talk about it later.

Other settings will explore later on.


Step 5 : Now we are about to write our very first blogpost, but before writing it, we need to assign a category.

Categories are like organising a thing in particular way, so that it can be found efficeintly, like in your house you have a separate place for keeping your shoes and clothes. !

Though categories can be changed later, but it is not good practice to change them frequently.

So, carefully choose a category for your post. Like if it has rice recipe then assign the category like rice or grain or lunch menu.

Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories

                                     -> Name : name of category like lunch menu

                                   -> Parent : none

                                  -> Add new category

A new category has been created and will be shown next to it.
wordpress blog


Step 6 : Write your first blog post. Hurray !!!

Dashboard -> Posts -> Add new

In the blank space, just below the Add New Post, write your post title.

This is very important as the title will form the permalink which will point to your site, write carefully.

Like : Healthy vegetable rice recipe

In the text box, add the recipe or description, add image if any, save the draft.

In the right hand side column, scroll down and you will find categories – choose the one that you have created.
wordpress blog


Step 7 : Review your post and hit the publish button.

Voila, you have just post your first blog post, congratulation.

View your post and admire it !!!

Come back to your dashboard and explore it.


Hope I have efficiently told you how to create a blog in wordpress. If you have any queries regarding this post, do let us know. We will be eager to know your feedbacks. Well, this is my first blogpost on blogging or tech, do let us know how we can improve it.

Have a nice weekend




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    March 13, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Good one again. Nice and lucid. 🙂

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