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homemade best rasgulla recipe

How To Make Perfect Bengali Spongy Roshogolla / Rasgulla

How to make perfect spongy rasgulla or roshogollas, a delightful Bengali sweets.
Recipe Cuisine Bengali, Indian
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Prep Time 6 hours
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 6 hours 15 minutes
Servings 18 pieces
Author Sukanya Ghosh

Recipe Ingredients

  • 2 litre Pure cow's Milk, with fat content 3-4 %, no toned and homogenized ones
  • 3 tbsp Vinegar white, diluted in one cup of water
  • 1 cup Sugar , industry standard measuring cups, do not use your tea cups
  • 7 cups Water , using the same measuring cup
  • Rose essence : few drops
  • 1 tsp Cornflour, leveled up
  • Nakul dana / ram dana : few (optional)

Recipe Instructions

How to make chhena / paneer

  1. Boil the milk . Switch off the heat. Curdle the milk by slowly adding the souring agent.
  2. Stir properly after adding the souring agent. Go slowly and if it didnt curdle well, add little more.
  3. The chhenna curds will coagulate and separate from the greenish whey.
  4. Strain the chenna in a soft cotton cloth. Wash the warm chenna under running cold tap water.
  5. It will keep the chenna remain soft.
  6. Tied it nicely and hang the chenna for 3-4 hours or more.
  7. I usually prepare the chenna at night and hang it overnight. Next day morning I prepare the rasgullas.

How to make perfect rasgulla

  1. In a wide open mouthed vessel, (I use a flat bottom kadhai) dissolve the sugar in water.
  2. Bring it to the boil.
  3. I use one cup sugar and seven cup water ratio.
  4. This will take some time, so meanwhile knead the chenna with the help of your hand's knuckle and heels of your palms.
  5. Chenna will slowly change its texture from soft granular curds to fine textures.
  6. Sprinkle cornflour , if using and knead it gently.
  7. Stop kneading the chenna when your hands are greasy enough.
  8. Make small balls out of it and stuff each balls with a piece of nakul dana in the center.
  9. This is to get that hollow texture in the middle, like sweet shops. You can totally skip this part also.
  10. Make sure that the balls do not have any visible cracks. Fine cracks are good.
  11. Drop a ball in the hot rapidly boiling sugar syrup.
  12. After ten seconds, drop another one and continue with the process.
  13. I make 16 rasgullas out of my 2 l milk chenna.
  14. And my vessel can hold comfortable 9 rasgullas at one go.
  15. You should not overcrowd the space in your vessel.
  16. After adding the balls in sugar syrup, there should be at least 3/4th space left for the rashgullas to move freely.
  17. Cover the vessel with a lid and let it cook on high flame for 4-5 minutes.
  18. After that remove the lid and sprinkle or add half cup cold water.
  19. Cover the vessel again and let it cook for another 5-6 minute.
  20. Remove the lid and add the cold water in similar fashion.
  21. Last five minute I cook the rasgulla without any cover.
  22. It takes total 15 minute to get the rasgulla cooked through.
  23. Every gas, every vessels are different. So you have to figure it out for yourselves, how much time it will take.
  24. Note - how to check that the rasgullas are cooked properly. For that take a glass of water and drop a rasgulla in it. if it floats on water, you need to cook it for few more minutes. If it sink to the bottom of the glass, it is done.
  25. Leave the rasgullas in syrup for 6 hours or more, before refrigerating it.
  26. If you want to increase the sweetness of the rasgulla , then prepare a thick syrup of more sugar content. Keep that syrup warm and drop the freshly cooked rasgullas in it.